Doctor's Testimonials

"I am pleased to say that I have used the Linear Gravity Pillows for at least 12 years. I use them on 75% of our neck injuries. We have many patients buy them for others as gifts" - Dr. R. Hammerstrom, OK. 
'We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great service and the quality products that you provide. My husband and I are both chiropractors and we both use the Linear Gravity Pillow, and believe me we've tried them all! We recommend your pillows to all of our patients. We wish you continued success!' - Dr. P. Pivonka, AZ 

'I recommend the Linear Gravity Pillow to every patient that comes to me for care because I know the patient will be getting the benefits of great cervical support while they sleep, at a fair price. Everyone, including me, contends with the compressive force of gravity every day; further more, most people have occupations that contribute to a loss of the normal, healthy cervical lordosis. It just makes sense that everyone can benefit from the support the Linear Gravity Pillow provides. It's what my wife and I use every night for a good nights sleep' - Dr. S. Martin, CA. 

'I have used the Linear Gravity Pillow in my practice for over 10 years. I carry cervical pillows from 5 different companies in order to give my patients a true choice in cervical pillows. Year after year the Linear gravity Pillow outsells the competition 6 to 1. The reason is the quality, the comfort and the support. The Linear Gravity Pillow is the one I choose for myself and my family'
Dr. S. Annis, CA. 

'I have personally used the Linear Gravity Pillow for 11 years. Its balance, durability and function are everything I was looking for. I can, and have felt confident introducing my patients to this fine product for many years'
Dr. Y. Merrell, CA. 

'I have tried most of the cervical pillows on the market and the Linear Gravity Pillow is by far the best in comfort and effectiveness for my patients.'
Dr. T. Connelly, Washington DC. 

'It has been a pleasure selling your pillows over the last several months. Your Linear Gravity Pillows are always well received by my patients and almost always result in another sale or two to their family and friends. One recent patient benefited greatly after her auto accident and bought 4 pillows for family and co-workers'
Dr. E. Hacmac, OR. 

'We use both the Linear Traction and Linear Gravity Pillows in our office. I searched for years for a comfortable cervical pillow that would fit petite necks. All the ones I found were too uncomfortable. I was thrilled when I found your friendly and efficient company. As a chiropractor, I can certainly recommend these fine pillows. Some of my patients have told me they sleep better (more comfortably and better) and one even told me it helped her husband stop snoring! Thank you for terrific products. I believe they are the best on the market!'
Dr. D. LiVolsi, PA. 

'Thanks for making the most well received pillow I have purchased and sold in 20 years of practice. My patient are very happy'
Dr. MS, NY. 

'I truly appreciate the quality and affordability of your Linear Gravity Pillow'
Dr. SL, MA. 

'Sleeping on the Linear Gravity Pillow has changed my life! Now I wake up pain free'
Ms. Ross, CA. 

'If they gave an award for the most effective pillow for a good nights sleep the Linear Gravity Pillow would win hands down!'
Dr. J. Gervay, PHD.--Chemistry Dept. ASU. 

'I love your pillows. Every room in our house has them; guestroom, children's room and of course the master bedroom. I've been using the Linear Gravity Pillow for approximately 5 years. The pillows maintain their support for an extended period of time and they're priced affordably. The design of the pillow allows them to be used by a wide range of patient sizes; petite to the tall ones. All of my patients have enjoyed a better night's sleep on the Linear Gravity Pillow.'
Dr. N. Stopyra, ME. 

'I have been in the same location for fourteen years and know that whenever someone seeking my care needs nighttime cervical support a Linear Gravity Pillow will be recommended. Interestingly, those with pillows refer others for pillows and care! Relaxation is an important aspect of the healing process and good sleep is an important part of being well.'
Dr. B. Stearns, OR. 

'I have tried numerous cervical and orthopedic pillows. I use the Linear Gravity Pillow almost exclusively. I have had tremendous patient results with the Linear Gravity Pillow and I have been very pleased. I especially like the additional support at the end of the pillow which allows for proper head positioning while side-sleeping.'
Dr. D. Eshbaugh, PA.