I ordered the Linear Gravity Pillow because I was desperate....I had tried just about everything else and could not find relief from the pain I suffered in my neck and shoulders. After just three days on the Linear Gravity Pillow I started to see and feel results. My shoulders relaxed significantly and a few days later the pain in my neck was reduced enough to make me a believer. It took about three more weeks but now the pain in my neck and tightness in my shoulders is completely gone. This pillow works!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've always been active and healthy and without any health issues. Once I turned 45, I started developing a persistent pain in my neck. I went to many different doctors and even with medication, the pain was still there....just a bit less. No one could tell me what was causing the pain or how to get rid of it. A friend suggested the Linear Gravity Pillow because her daughter worked at a Chiropractor's office where they recommended these pillows. I ordered one online and was, of course, somewhat skeptical. I received the pillow in 3 days and gave it a try that night. It's now been 4 months and I wanted to share my thoughts: I LOVE THIS PILLOW. It has relieved my neck pain and I don't take any more pain medication. I just ordered the two pack special and will use these when I travel to see my grandchildren.