Large Linear Gravity Pillow
stop neck pain

Large Linear Gravity Pillow

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***Sizing can vary slightly depending on the filling selected***

Discover why thousands of healthcare professionals have been praising our pillows over the last 22 years. Our exclusive, patented Linear Gravity Pillow will alleviate and prevent fatigue, stress and pain and give you the same comfort, support and relief that millions of people have enjoyed since 1983.

The Linear Gravity Pillow aligns your head, neck and spine and supports your neck and head correctly, while sleeping on your back or side. This eliminates or reduces painful stiff neck and stressed neck and shoulder muscles. It can even reduce the pain of fibromyalgia!

Our unconditional promise: The Linear Gravity Pillow's proven benefits can make you sleep better at night and feel better around the clock. Its patented design:

  • Provides you with proper support while you sleep.
  • Enables you to sleep better by making you supremely comfortable.
  • Promotes correct posture.
  • Allows for less restricted breathing.
  • Keeps your neck from twisting.

Quality materials, quality craftsmanship.
Don't settle for other pillows with chopped, blown-in fiber, foam rubber

and cheap filling. Insist on the Linear Gravity Pillow, which:

  • Contains NO foam rubber or latex.
  • Is crafted entirely by hand, to meet our high standards.
  • Expertly filled with a custom blend of long-strand NON-ALLERGENIC
    polyester fiber.
  • Is weighed three times during production to ensure the perfect contour for comfort and support.
  • Hand made to the founder of Synektics design specifications.
  • Fits in a standard pillow case.

The Synektics designed Linear Gravity Pillow only comes from San Diego Sewing Company. 
No matter how expensive other brands may be, they don't compare. Nothing else is designed like the Linear Gravity Pillow to take the pressure off neck vertebra and relax your neck and shoulders. You won't find the Linear Gravity Pillow in department stores, but you can easily order it from the web, or by calling us at: 800-995-8865

Pillow Features: LG-2 LG-V
Neck Support for sleeping on side or back X X
Gentle Traction   X


Large (28" X 17"):

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